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Let's Build Food Security in Georgia

Let's Build Food Security in Georgia

“Access to healthy and nutritious food is important for all Georgians. We need to support small family farms, urban agriculture, cooperatives and other food systems by increasing access to funding and technical assistance. I’m running for the Georgia Commissioner of Agriculture to be an advocate for all Georgians who care about access and the quality of food. Join me in building a Georgia Movement to make a difference!”

– Deborah Jackson

Meet Deborah Jackson

Deborah’s passion for rural issues and development started early in her professional career as an attorney with a legal services program in Mississippi.  She worked with small landowners and community groups to advocate for protection of property rights and access to services.  She later served as the Director for Women in Development and network liaison for Latin America for the Agricultural Missions program of the National Council of Churches, USA.  As Director, Deborah worked with women in rural and agricultural societies worldwide to voice their needs and concerns as well as educate the US church community.

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This campaign is dedicated to the people so no one is left behind. Whether you are in an urban, rural or other area, we need all hands-on deck. Your voice and ideas are important and there are many ways to help.

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